From time to time, Ogden's Best likes to tantalize our customers with special guns for sale.  Like the restaurant owner cracking open a bottle of the best wine, we've decided to showcase some of our more amazing pieces that we have up for sale in our range!

First up is a CZ-750 Sniper Rifle in .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO.  This weapon is made in Czechoslovakia and imported by CZ USA out of Kansas City.  They are rare, expensive, and extremely, extremely accurate.  The one you see below is currently for sale at our gun range.   Right click and hit "View Image" to enlarge!

Next we have another modern piece of high technology:  This is an actual Accuracy International AW .308 Military Sniper Rifle.  It is fitted with a 25 Power Leupold Custom optic.  Most folks will never see one of these outside a movie theater or in a videogame!  As above, it's here for sale by Ogden's Best!

And if you think Ogden's Best is only about fancy high-tech weapons, then think again!  We also have a variety of amazing pieces, ranging from the modern...

Sig P226 X-Six Competition  Sig P220 Match Elite

To the classic 

 Colt PYTHON .357  Colt KING COBRA as-new-in-box!

 Winchester 1895 Original Winchester 1894 San Quentin Prison

                         Colt Bisley


To the iconic

Dirty Harry - .44 AUTOMAG